Housing stories (Dissertation preface)

Preface to my Ph.D. dissertation “Engaging Neighbors: Housing Strategies and Political Mobilization in Moscow’s Renovation” I grew up in an old apartment building in Saint Petersburg, where I was taught that good neighbors were quiet neighbors. Bad neighbors had loud


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Жилищные истории (предисловие к диссертации)

Предисловие к диссертации “Engaging Neighbors: Housing Strategies and Political Mobilization in Moscow’s Renovation” о реновации жилья в Москве Я выросла в старом многоквартирном доме в Петербурге, где уяснила, что хорошие соседи – это тихие соседи. Плохие соседи устраивали громкие попойки

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Nostalgic street project

During my recent visit to Saint Petersburg in January, I took an old phone book my parents still keep at home, and created a map of all stores, cafes, and other services that were existed on Bolshoi prospect (the “Big

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Fortress under Siege: Moscow’s Renovation

An early report on the perception of the renovation project in Moscow (in Russian). Article available here 

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“Mortgage Ghettos” of Russian cities

My review on the “Republic” portal (in Russian). Ипотечные гетто: чем уникальны российские новостройки? У новых микрорайонов по всей России есть одна особенность. Здесь пьют очень много пива Почему в современных российских новостройках так много точек разливного пива – больше,

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R Animation Experiment

I experimented a little with animation in R (gganimate) and created this video showing how Saint Petersburg grew and how the residential multi-apartment buildings became bigger and bigger over time. The sources were especially helpful: How to plot animated maps

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Subsidized Housing Cooperatives in NYC

Two types of coops are shown on this map: HDFC (Housing Development Corporation Fund) cooperatives are one of the forms of affordable homeownership for the low- and middle-income New Yorkers. This form originally required self-management and organizing efforts of the

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Social Movements Research in Russia: Sociology of the ignored activism

May 2015, For the Critical Mass Bulletin Social movement studies in Russia gained momentum after the 2011-2012 protest wave, as new research groups emerged to conduct empirical studies of the spontaneous mass protests against electoral fraud (known as the “Movement

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What do the latest studies tell us about political views among young people in Russia?

This is a pertinent question today, after March 26 saw a wave of anti-corruption demonstrations sweep across Russia. The protests were organised by Alexei Navalny, an opposition politician and anti-corruption activist who has announced that he will run for president

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Social Movements Class Materials

Useful links for the Social Movements Class BIBLIOGRAPHIES AND RESEARCH GUIDES Social Movements and Culture – Cultural Politics NYPL Social Movements in America Research Guide Black Lives Matter: Race, Policing, and Protest

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