Selected Publications


undefinedJasper, James, Luke Elliott-Negri, Isaac Jabola-Carolus, Marc Kagan, Jessica Mahlbacher, and Manès Weisskircher, and Anna Zhelnina. Gains and Losses: How Protestors Win and Lose, with . New York: Oxford University Press.


Anna Zhelnina. 2021.Bring Your Own Politics: Life Strategies and Mobilization Against Urban Redevelopment.” Sociology. (Online First) 

Elliott-Negri, Luke, Isaac Jabola-Carolus, James Jasper, Jessica Mahlbacher, Manès Weisskircher, and Anna Zhelnina. 2021. “Social Movement Gains and Losses: Dilemmas of Arena Creation.Partecipazione e Conflitto 14 (3): 998–1013.

Anna Zhelnina, “National and Urban Politics Converge in Moscow: Will Local Activism Prevail?”, Metropolitics, 1 October 2019. 

Anna Zhelnina, The Apathy Syndrome: How We Are Trained Not to Care about Politics, Social Problems, Social Problems, Volume 67, Issue 2, May 2020, Pages 358–378. *

* Winner of the 2020 Mayer N. Zald Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Student Paper Award, Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements, ASA 

Clément, Karine, and Anna Zhelnina. “Introduction to the Special Issue: Imagining a Link Between Local Activism and Political Transformation: Inventions from Russia and Eastern Europe.” International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society(2019): 1-8.

Clément, Karine, and Anna Zhelnina. “Beyond Loyalty and Dissent: Pragmatic Everyday Politics in Contemporary Russia.” International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society(2019): 1-20.

Isaac Jabola-Carolus, Luke Elliott-Negri, James M. Jasper, Jessica Mahlbacher, Manès Weisskircher & Anna Zhelnina (2018) Strategic interaction sequences: the institutionalization of participatory budgeting in New York City, Social Movement Studies, DOI: 10.1080/14742837.2018.1505488

“Hanging Out,” Creativity, and the Right to the City: Urban Public Space in Russia before and after the Protest Wave of 2011-12. In: Stasis, #1 2014

Learning to Use ‘Public Space’: Urban Space in Post-Soviet St. Petersburg

Public Space in Europe and Russia: ‘Europeanness’ and Re-Interpretation of Urban Public Space

Public spaces as spaces of fear and alienation? Youth in public spaces in St. Petersburg, Russia

“It’s Like a Museum Here”: The Shopping Mall as Public Space. Summary

“Learning to use the public space”: perception of the urban spaces in the post-soviet context

From “Barakholka” to Shopping Mall: Transformation of Retail Spaces in St. Petersburg


Blogs / Comments

The Question

“The Question:” What do the latest studies tell us about political views among young people in Russia?

“Republic” (in Russian)

Fortress Under Siege: Moscow’s Renovation

Mortgage Ghettos

“Critical Mass” Bulletin of  the Collective Behavior and Social Movements Section of the American Sociological Association

Social Movements Research in Russia: Sociology of the ignored activism

Public Lectures 

“The Housing Question: The way we live now:” Public lecture, New Holland Lectorium in Social Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 8, 2018. Watch on YouTube (in Russian).

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