Selected Publications


Isaac Jabola-Carolus, Luke Elliott-Negri, James M. Jasper, Jessica Mahlbacher, Manès Weisskircher & Anna Zhelnina (2018) Strategic interaction sequences: the institutionalization of participatory budgeting in New York City, Social Movement Studies, DOI: 10.1080/14742837.2018.1505488

“Hanging Out,” Creativity, and the Right to the City: Urban Public Space in Russia before and after the Protest Wave of 2011-12. In: Stasis, #1 2014

Learning to Use ‘Public Space’: Urban Space in Post-Soviet St. Petersburg

Public Space in Europe and Russia: ‘Europeanness’ and Re-Interpretation of Urban Public Space

Public spaces as spaces of fear and alienation? Youth in public spaces in St. Petersburg, Russia

“It’s Like a Museum Here”: The Shopping Mall as Public Space. Summary

“Learning to use the public space”: perception of the urban spaces in the post-soviet context

From “Barakholka” to Shopping Mall: Transformation of Retail Spaces in St. Petersburg


Blogs / Comments

The Question

“The Question:” What do the latest studies tell us about political views among young people in Russia?

“Republic” (in Russian)

Fortress Under Siege: Moscow’s Renovation

Mortgage Ghettos

“Critical Mass” Bulletin of  the Collective Behavior and Social Movements Section of the American Sociological Association

Social Movements Research in Russia: Sociology of the ignored activism

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